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Policy Assesment


Is your D&I strategy working? We analyze various policy documents to gauge your organization's current state. We assist you in revamping them in-line with your D&I strategy.

Stakeholder Interviews


 Fostering workplace inclusion requires organizational commitment. We interview the management team and other stakeholders to diagnose the progress of your D&I strategy.

Evaluate Corporate Culture


People create the culture in the workplace. Culture plays a vital role in how people interact with each other. We investigate the cultural layers of your organization and propose concrete improvements.     

Propose KPIs


How do you champion your D&I strategy? We deliver measureable KPIs for your organization to improve workplace inclusion.

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Assess Workplace Climate


To improve the status quo, it's critical to investigate people's states of mind in the workplace today. We identify the current challenges to advancing workplace inclusion.

Connect the Dots


The real question is how your workplace inclusion is influencing organizational performance. We connect the dots between workplace inclusion and business performance.