About us

Unapologetically passionate about workplace inclusion

Who we are


Sensei means 'teacher' or 'master' in Japanese. As a workplace inclusion advocate, we offer actionable solutions tailored to your environment. Our mission is to foster workplace inclusion in organizations by advancing equity in the workplace.

Our values


We believe people deliver their best performance when they are respected as human beings. Dignity and mutual respect are the core of human relationships. Workplace inclusion has everything to do with how people feel in their workplace.

The Founder


As an Asian lesbian professional working in Amsterdam, Yuli believes that a sense of belonging is a prerequisite for anyone to perform their best at work. Yuli has witnessed and experienced non-inclusive workplace environments both in Japan and in the Netherlands. After 18 years in business development positions, she decided to shift her focus to workplace inclusion advocacy. With passion and commitment to advancing diversity, inclusion and belonging in organizations, Yuli founded INCLUSION SENSEI in 2019. Anyone, regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other unique makeup, should be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.  

How we work


We analyze key D&I policies, conduct qualitative interviews and assess the workplace environment. Understanding your corporate culture is the first step! We then deliver tangible actions your organization can take to foster workplace inclusion.